Rain, Games, and Seniors, Oh My!

Paige Hajek, Editor

The senior tailgate was on September 21st, 2018 in the LSHS cafeteria. The senior specific event happens every year on bi-week and ended with a twist.

“The tailgate is a senior specific activity that is held outside at the school.  Hotdogs and burgers are eaten and the students experience time with everyone in their grade,” Delaynee Guerra, 2019, said.

The event made everyone have multiple opinions for the first senior event and expectations for the ones to come.

“I thought the event was cool just being able to eat with all the people in my grade,” Jyllian Harris, 2019, said.

The rain caused the tailgate to be moved to the cafeteria instead of the back parking lot.

“It was super fun and chill,” Tana Cross, 2019, said. ” I kind of liked that it was indoors because we were able to just chill, jam out to some good music and play games against each other.”

The students played games, causing competitive spirits to arise throughout the night.

“I played the ‘Make it Rain” game with the tissues against Sydney Wells and I won!” Cross said.

The Make it Rain game was getting all the tissues out of a box of tissues as fast as possible with one hand.

“I participated in the tissue box activity and thought it was a lot of fun. My favorite activity that they did was the jingle bell activity, even though I didn’t participate in it. It was funny and entertaining to watch,” Sydney Wells, 2019, said.

The seniors seem to have had a lot in mind for their first senior activity and it lived up to the standards.

“Overall it was pretty fun to hang out with my friends and classmates outside of school,” Christian Jackson, 2019, said.