Another Victory at the Golden Triangle Marching Classic Competition

Fernanda Herreria, Writer

On Saturday, September 29th,  Lone Star Band took home first place at the Golden Triangle Marching Classic.

“Since we had been working really hard after school every day for hours, I predicted that we would do pretty well in our competition and possible pull out a win,” Taylor Griffith, 2022, said.

This was the first competition of the year with the new band director, Mark Poole.

“Going into the competition, I was really nervous about messing up notes, fundamentals, missing partials or notes, not playing in time, not playing strong until the end and all of the things that make every freshman nervous,” Kristen Heng, 2022, said.

The band succeeded and took home four awards which were first place, caption awards for outstanding woodwinds, brass and general effects.

“I was very pleased with our performance, for it was our best run through ever and I believe we deserved it because we work hard every day to become better,” Griffith said.

The Lone Star Marching Band competed against 16 other bands in the area.

“When we got first we all flipped out, screamed and yelled. We were so happy and surprised,” Heng said.

Many members were extremely proud of the results and are looking forward to seeing what future competitions will bring.

“My reaction was pure satisfaction. The seniors and I poured out our hearts into this marching band season,” Revant Gattamaraju, 2019, said. “The announcer declaring us first place at the Golden Triangle was the first time we truly realized the amount of work we had put into this year and that we were leaving the band in good hands.”