LSHS Varsity Volleyball Team Digs For The Win

Paige Hajek, Editor

The season for the LSHS Varsity Volleyball team started early this year in August.

“We have had six district games and some preseason games with tournaments as well which really helped us bond and see how each person plays,” Jordyn Rangel, 2019, said.

The team is also recovering from some injuries with players as well as adjusting to a new head coach for the year.

“During the Centennial game, I was diving for a ball and one of our back row players accidentally kicked me in the nose and broke it,” Katie Blevins, 2019, said.

The new coach is some players’ biggest change about this year in volleyball.

“I personally feel that having a new coach can be hard sometimes because you have to adjust to their coaching style. However, this change has proven to be beneficial evidently through our win against Independence,” Claudia Russe, 2020, said.

Some of the girls use their bond and friendship with each other to make the team work better.

“Everyone on this team has a love and respect for everyone else and I know I can count on them to always give their all,” Blevins said.

With the season just starting, the players still have confidence in upcoming games.

“Becoming a family and we’re learning to trust each other more on the court with more practice to come,” Russe said.