LSHS Student Section Thrives At Football Games

Paige Hajek, Editor

One of the most memorable parts of Ranger football games can be found within the student section.

“The student section is a place for kids to come together and cheer on their team at games,” Claudia Okula, 2019, said.

The students love having the support towards the team and showing up as a group.

“The student section is always so fun. We are so supportive of our Rangers and it’s fun to be in the mix chanting with all of our friends while watching the game,” Alexis Custer, 2019, said.

The rules of the student section are that there are always seniors in the front row. This also means they have to get there earlier and dress up to the theme every game.

“My favorite thing that has happenned, is one, dressing and getting ready with my group before and being at the games early so we’re in the front row ready to cheer on our boys,” Theresa Ledoux, 2019, said.

The students also have specific games that are super fun and worth the drive.

“Out of all the games I’ve gone to this year, my favorite has to be the USA game because I feel like that was one people dressed up the most for and we were playing Wakeland so there were a lot of chants and determination for winning,” Alexis Custer, 2019 said.