The Ranger Football Nation Gains A New Kicker

Paige Hajek, Editor

For the 2018-2019 football season there are some new players on the team. The team has been good at keeping every player encouraged and the players practicing with their coaches and teammates has made the team stronger and understand each other better. The  kicker the teams now depends on is Harper Simmons, a former FC Dallas player.

“The transition from soccer to football was challenging at first and I’m still getting used to it, but I don’t plan on turning back anytime soon,” Harper Simmons, 2019, said

A new kicker was something the team needed and knowing we have past soccer player kicking for the team was something the students were excited about. Although a lot of work for the transition has to be put in.

“I practice four days a week with the team along with an extra session on Saturdays dedicated to kicking alone,” Harper Simmons, 2019, said.

The transition has worked so well for Simmons that he decided to make a squad showing who he is, what he does on the field, and his support for other kickers.

“I took inspiration for #KICKSQUAD from former Denver Bronco and Oakland Raider punter Marquette King who first made the symbol in an interview at a Kohl’s kicking camp. It’s something that I take a lot of pride in and it helps motivate me to perform at my best not only for myself or even for Lone Star, but for all the kicker out there that may not get the respect they deserve,” Harper Simmons, 2019, said.

While Simmons is making the squad the student section fully supports him.

“After all the touchdowns we know #19 is about to run on to the field. We all start screaming and put up the sign for him,” Noah Rasheed, 2019, said

The sign has become something so big on the team and in the student section that one can sit in the section and hear people yelling “Kicksquad!”

“The selection involves putting up an L with your thumb and pointer figures and putting them together to represent the goal post,” Claudia Okula, 2019, said.

The yelling and cheering at the game motivates Simmons and the student section loves supporting their boys on the team at each and every game.

“The student section had done a great job of picking up the #KICKSQUAD movement and their support along with that from the rest of the fans is fuel to be at my personal best in and game out,” Harper Simmons, 2019, said.