What is Food Science?

Paige Hajek, Editor

The dictionary definition of Food Science is the study of the microorganisms that inhabit, create, or contaminate food, including the study of microorganisms causing food spoilage. The purpose of the senior only class is to learn about food and counts as a science credit.

“We learn about the science and safety behind food but the teachers know how it make it fun and hands on all the time, making it really enjoyable,” Korinne Baumhauer, 2019, said.

Along with that, the students also learned about the past in the world of Food Science.

“We’ve learned about several food scientists and what they did. We learned more about the jobs and work that goes into food,” Andrew Thompson, 2019, said.

The seniors in the class have been making food since the beginning of the year. The smells of the apple pie and brownies surrounded D hall.

“My favorite thing that my class has done is make apple pies because it was fun to see the different types of mixes and tasted so good,” Korinne Baumhauer, 2019, said.

The classes have also made homemade biscuits as one of their labs.

“My favorite lab that we have done is learn how to make homemade biscuits because they tasted pretty good,” Andrew Thompson, 2019, said.

Other students have their favorite things in class besides the food being made.

“My favorite things that we have done in class so far would either be making or getting our food handlers license, because as a senior I want to get a job and this could really help me,” Delaynee Guerra, 2019, said.

Seniors also learn about the difference between taste and aroma by doing taste tests.

“My food science class has spent the class smelling different herb and spices to see if we can only rely on our sense of smell instead of taste, which made me understand that our sense of taste is very important when tasting food,” Delaynee Guerra, 2019, said.

As seniors the students have found something to enjoy, be stress free, and learn important information from.

“I love this class because it is the first stress free science class I’ve had and still learn from,” Korinne Baumhauer, 2019, said.