Steven Austin Goes to State

Paige Hajek, Editor

In October, track runner Steven Austin, 2019, advanced to State after years of dedication and hard work.

“I made it to regionals last year (2018) in cross country and didn’t do that good. I also made it to area and got 3rd place,” Austin said. “I missed state by seven seconds my junior year.” 

Austin ran every morning at the beginning of the season. All of his training during the season and over the summer in Denver, Colorado made him even stronger this year.

“I do believe I have gotten better. I mean the proof is in the pudding,” Austin said. “My times were better by the end of the season last year and I trained a lot in Denver over the summer while I was visiting family.” 

Due to his advancement, Austin had the first send-off of the year on November 2.

“During the send-off, I felt like Lebron,” Austin said. “I was the only one and all eyes were on me and I had the spotlight.” 

The send-off left him with encouragement from his teachers and peers throughout his state run.

“I ended up getting 69th out of 150 people at State,” Austin said. “I felt accomplished because I was doing something no one else at Lone Star did.”