Semester Struggles

Ivani Atre

As the semester draws to a close, LSHS students are dealing with nearing deadlines, increased workloads and rising stress levels.

“I think that the work the school provides is adequate; I feel like it gets more and more towards the end of each six weeks but it’s okay,” Mackenzie Phillips, 2022, said.

Teachers believe that the workload a student has is dependent on how well they perform in the classroom itself.

“I mean I don’t know all the classes that all my students take, but if they have a strong work ethic and get their work done in class, they tend to have less work to do at home,” Mademoiselle Thomas, the French teacher, said.

The side effects of excessive stress on students include poor performance, unusual sleeping patterns, agitation and odd behavior.

“Being super stressed all the time can make people lose interest in what they love and stay away from their friends,” Tatum Ramirez, 2022, said.

Students are encouraged to seek help from teachers, friends, assistant principals and counselors if they seem to be struggling with personal or academic issues.

“Please reach out and ask for help.  It’ll only benefit you and there’s always a solution to any problem you may be facing,” Ramirez, 2022, said.