In Depth: AP Seminar

Student Reactions to the AP Seminar Class at Lone Star

Matthew Willis

AP Seminar has varying perspectives among sophomore students for the 2018-2019 school year.

“AP Seminar is a class that really trains you on analyzing and interpreting information and media,” Kasandra Vu, 2021, said. “Communication and teamwork are vital, but the class also focuses greatly on being self-sustaining.”

This class tends to be different from other AP classes. Instead of being focused on a curriculum of information, the class aims to teach students how to do basic processes in order to write a cohesive paper and presentation.

“Only take this class if you are willing to put in a lot of time and effort,” Jaydeep Golla, 2021, said. “This class is very demanding and challenging, but it will help you improve your writing and presentation skills.”

AP Seminar is a unique class. Over the course of the second semester, students will be taking their AP exam during a series of months. There are two written essays (1200 and 2000 words), two presentations and a singular test.

“The most difficult assignment I’ve had so far in AP Seminar is the Mock IWA [Individual Written Argumemt] for sure,” Artie Martinez, 2021, said. “The essay is extremely time consuming, as I had to write 2000 words which took me hours to complete.”

This class is apart of the AP Capstone Program. This means that if a student takes this class and the one after it, AP Research, they would attain special recognition on their college application.

“For people that have only taken AP Human and are going into AP Seminar, I have to say they should be prepared for more work,” Vanshik Aluri, 2021, said. “AP Seminar requires much more work and dedication, so the incoming sophomores should be aware of this for their own good.”

AP Seminar is one of the only AP classes offered for sophomores at Lone Star.

“Overall, the class enhances many aspects of my work, such as research comprehension and writing.” Kasandra Vu, 2021, said. “I enjoy it a lot.”