LSHS Swim Team Dives Into Their Season

Varshitha Lalam

The LSHS Swim Team had one of their meets on October 30th, 2018. Many members shed off some time, which is a pretty good thing.

“I felt like our team did great,” Dylan Yi, 2022, said. “It was a very competitive meet, but fun at the same time.”

The LSHS swim team participates in lots of meets and they can be very competitive. 

“There have been moments when I’ve wanted to quit, but my mom and friends have always persuaded me to stay,” Jeni Sula, 2020, said.

Like Sula, other team members have to deal with the reality of high school while also dealing with the stress of going to practices and meets.

“It’s a lot of work some days but I mean the effort is worth it when we go to meets and I have a lot of fun,” Manu Kotwal, 2022 said. “The team’s great and I’ve made many new friends.”

The team did well at the meet,  with swimmers successfully dropping their time and improving on their skills.

“It’s hard work, fun and I’ve met amazing people that are some of my best friends,” Sula said.