GSA Returns

Kaitlyn Steele

The Gender and Sexuality Club, also known as GSA, recently started back up for the new school year. 

“[The goal is] making people more comfortable and open with themselves,” Michael Coffey, 2019, said.

GSA is a support group that is open to everyone who wants to support the LGBTQ community. The club is supported by the people who come and attend their meetings every Tuesday after school.

“[I joined] because I wanted to put my feelings out there,” Breia Mccain, 2020, said.

The GSA Club is a place where students can express their feelings and become more comfortable with whom they are. 

“I’m learning more about my sexuality,” Mccain said.

Joining or attending a GSA club meeting can have many benefits, one of which is that students learn more about themselves and how they identify as well as learning to be open minded.

“I think it’s a good idea [to have GSA around], especially in high school when kids are struggling with such a big part of them,” Mallory Poe, 2022, said.