LSHS Administration Hands Out New Protected IDs to Students

Jahnavi Vejju

Lone Star High School recently gave out new protected IDs, which included a new protected sleeve and pictures on the ID.

“Ms. Kraft visited a number of classes throughout the [last] spring to ask if requiring students to wear IDs would make students feel safer,”  Mr Tolleson, Associate Principal, said. “At that time, the response from those students was overwhelmingly in favor of making student IDs a requirement.”

The purpose of the IDs is to make the campuses in FISD safer. The IDs were developed so that all students and staff members can identify who belongs on campus and who does not.

“We are looking at ways to reinforce the usefulness of the IDs and ways to encourage students to wear them more often throughout the day without the need to just continually hit students with consequences for not wearing them,” Mr Tolleson said.

The IDs have been helping the front desk, as staff members are able to see the name and picture of each student that enters the school.

“Frankly the punishment is quite harsh given that everyone is always busy in high school and it can be tough to balance everything on top of remembering to bring your student ID before encountering trouble,” Trisha Chinnimeni, 2022, said.

Some students don’t take the responsibility to wear their IDs and may face consequences if they forget their IDs a total of three times.

“I am constantly worrying in the mornings whether or not I remembered my ID instead of other things that may be more important,” Molly Brown, 2022, said.

The students that do wear their IDs may feel compelled to do so in fear of punishments or feeling safe wearing the IDs.

“Our school is so large that one person can not possibly know every student,” said Molly Brown, 2022.