Dancing Through the Snow

Gen Backes, Editor

The Rettes leaped into the Christmas spirit with their second annual holiday show. With ten acts in total, the Rettes, Colorguard, and Dance II class left me wanting more. I was one of the lucky few to see the show being put together for a full run through and man, they had me dancing in my seat the whole time.

The opener was a throwback to a Disney movie that swept the nation. You couldn’t even go into stores without hearing the legendary “Let It Go” blasting through the speakers. But, man, they revamped that story. With snow falling down onto the stage, they danced and moved the audience with the slow, yet energetic performance. Their purple outfits shimmered underneath the lights as if they were made out of icicles. They left me with the almost unbearable urge to run outside and build a snowman (but leaving would mean missing the rest of the show, which was not about to happen).

After the opener, the Dance II class rocked the routine with their big moves, despite being a small group. Their routine was cute and fun with the perfect amount of sass. The routine itself was so much fun and I could tell that the girls were having a great time dancing.

The Sargent routine was so much fun! The four girls utilized the synchronization of the song, which was “Up On A Rooftop” by the way, and the domino effect perfectly! With their drop splits and outfits with slight resemblance to fire and coal, the girls really shined on stage.

When I think about Rettes, I think about poms and kicks, and both of those routines took me back to football season. Their pom routine was sassy and energetic with moves and shapes they created (it looked like they made a sleigh at one point!). They amazed me with how balanced their synchronization was while maintaining the perfect amount of individuality throughout the dance. To the classic “Jingle Bell Rock”, they had me bouncing in my seat to the song and the routine. Their kick routine brought the spirit of Texas onto the stage with the country version of “Run Run Rudolph”. They not only had one, but TWO jump splits in the routine and still made the routine look effortless. They shimmered beneath the lights and took the Texas motto of “Go Big or Go Home” to heart.

The Officers routine was charming. It was lively with their green outfits that matched their candy cane props inversely. It was so much fun to watch, especially when the song was “Underneath The Tree” by the legendary Kelly Clarkson. Their stride off stage at the end of the routine was a nice sassy end to the routine.

One of the special guests for the show were the Colorguard, who had two routines in the show. They were both equally unique and engaging, telling two vastly different stories that had me at the edge of my seat. The first routine was to the melody of “The Nightmare Before Christmas” that went to the music. The girls decided to go with LSHS colors that started to resemble snow and the sky throughout the routine. The second routine contained a cute silk solo and the rising and lowering of the flags to the song (“Coldest Winter” by Pentatonix). Their moves were icey like the song and the tinsel that they tied in their hair and around their feet sparked a nostalgic feeling in my heart. By far though, the most impressive parts of their routines was the fact the the girls choreographed them on their own.

The second special guests of the show was a rendition of “Happy Holidays” by R.I.O.T. Theatre’s Blake Butterfield and Adrian Rivera. Butterfield and Rivera brought on the theatrics and broadway feels into their song. They not only were consistently on tone and harmonizing with each other, they also directly engaged me throughout their routine, which they performed a small dance routine while singing. It was a spectacular way to get ready for the finale.

The finale of the show had the Rettes dancing to Mariah Carey’s rendition of “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”. Adorned in black velvet dresses that looked like it came straight out of a old holiday movie and white poms, the Rettes twirled in the snow one last time with the “Rangerettes” sign sparkling behind them. I couldn’t help but smile throughout their routine and the energy throughout was incredible. However, the thing that got me was their ending pose in the snow, which was the perfect way to end the show.

Overall, the show was spectacular! As an audience member, the show was so much fun to watch and had me wanting more! The girls’ hard work paid off and made the show enjoyable for all ages. If you missed this show, you missed out on something truly spectacular, but not to worry! Make sure to attend their show in the spring!