Mike’s Not Stopping Now

Paige Hajek, Editor

On Friday the 22nd, the state send off occured and all the students encouraged Mike and Lastot to do their best at state for the Lone Star Wrestling team.

“Everyone was happy for me, but I felt terrible during the state send off because it was my last one of high school,” Mike Gaisoa, 2019,said.

The matches were on Saturday, February 23rd in San Antonio. Mike specifically was able to win matches all the way up until the finals.

“I won all of my matches in the first period up until finals. I was winning but my knees gave out before my heart did.”

Mike had a lot of energy and strength that day and his heart wanted it all for him.

“My parents and coaches had to stop my match because I wanted to keep going, but not only because I hate losing but also because I hated walking into the wrestling room and seeing my name next to my big sisters,” Mike Gaisoa, 2019, said.


His season had to come to an end though. It ended with him in second place for  state 2019, his senior year.


“My season was everything I could ask for. I had a tough grind with my teammates and a fun one at that. I may not have placed where I wanted to on the podium but I know that I did everything in my power to fight through,” Mike Gasioa, 2019, said.

Now that Mike is close to graduating he will be very happy to continue his strength from these matches all the way to his college experiences and beyond.

“I never wanna lose again. Pushing to go to state wasn’t the only thing I was striving for, it was to be a better person. A better man,” Mike Gaisoa, 2019, said.

Mike ended his journey in wrestling and became strong mentally and physically. He got second place in state but most importantly grew as a person.

“It gave me sadness to be over with wrestling in school but to know I fought and never gave up makes me happy,” Mike Gaisoa, 2019, said.