Special Needs Prom

Paige Hajek, Editor

Special Needs prom occurred Monday, March 25th, 2019. Students from National Honors Society participated in making the kids that attended having an amazing prom night.

“I was the NHS officer over service projects so I ran this event. Last year, we did it as well and it was such a positive experience for everyone involved that we, the officers, felt that it was imperative to give the students the same opportunity as last year,” Sarah Brown, 2019, said.

A lot of students from each grade showed up and some were excited about making this a night to remember for the kids involved.

“I decided to sign up for the prom because my cousin used to go to these when he was in high school and they always made him so happy so I wanted to be able to help give that joy to the other kids like him,” Kamryn Riggle, 2020, said.

The prom was in the cafeteria Monday night. Everyone came dressed up and ready to have a great time with the people around them.

“The prom was so much fun and the kids loved it so much. The smile on their faces when they walked or danced around was so amazing to see,” Kamryn Riggle, 2020, said.

The students that attended seemed to have learned a lot about that people there and learned about how something as simple as prom could make such a big difference.

“Overall, the prom was an amazing experience for all parties involved. It was a wonderful opportunity for our special needs students to meet and interact with other students and to have a safe and uplifting environment in which we could celebrate them,” Sarah Brown, 2019, said.

The event had many different activities and some good food to go along with it.

“At the event we had dancing, games, food and a photobooth! It was a great and very fun night,” Kylie Chambers, 2019, said.

Although, the kids were a main focus and everyone wanted them to have fun, the biggest hit there was not only the kids but also the food and the Chick Fil A Cow visit.

“During the prom there was Chickfila the cow who came. He was definitely the highlight of the night and made so many people smile and want to take pictures with him,” Kamryn Riggle, 2020, said.

Some people even learned something and took away a small lesson from the events that went on.

“I gained a great appreciation for the special needs kids and their capabilities in addition to the volunteer who sacrificed their time for these kids,” Dillon Brown, 2019, said.