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Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Alyssa McGuire, Staff Writer

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FCA, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, is a fast growing club at Lone Star High School. Though the title states “Christian Athletes,” their open to anyone wishing to closer their relationship with God and surround themselves with peers wishing to do the same.

“I would say, at most school campuses, and ours especially, it is more than just athletes, rather a community of diverse believers. To me the meaning and the purpose of FCA is to allow Christians to be able to express their faith in school, and also to have a group of Christians that they can turn to in any circumstance,” secretary of the organization, Rachael Watson said.

FCA was first established in 1954 by Dr. Louis H. Evans, Dr. Roe Johnston, Don McClanen and Branch Rickey. When Don McClanen was clipping magazines, he began to wonder if the athletes could endorse products like shaving cream, razor blades, or cigarettes, why not endorse the Lord? From that idea he began reaching out to athletes and important people in the athletic scene, including Branch Rickey, where they worked together to establish the organization and get it up and running.

“FCA at LSHS was established in 2010, the year LSHS opened by Coach Tommy Poynter, myself, and a group of student athletes,” huddle coach and English teacher, Wendy Grandell said.

In the FCA meetings they typically start with a huddle and prayer that progresses into some worship music and a worship lead by student worship leader,  Josh Moore class of 2015. The students then have a topic of discussion that is Biblical based and either in small groups or with everyone. The meetings are closed with a closing huddle and prayer.

“ FCA plays games, does worship, and has lessons about the Lord, but more importantly it brings together fellow Christians at our school to worship our lord and become Christian role models for others in the student body,” sports agent Breanna Elmore, 2017, said.

Each member of this fellowship has a deep reasoning for deciding to worship the way they do. To each student and faculty member, attending the meetings and giving their devotion to the Lord doesn’t feel pressured, rather it’s more natural. With more of an understanding of the organization, it opens the doors for students of Lone Star who may not have understood the true meaning of the club before.

“FCA is a place where you can be you. You learn together because you all want the same outcome of knowledge, but it gives you a judge free zone to individualize yourself.  FCA is a dedication for me., it’s a challenge and reminder to myself of why I am here and what my purposes should be,” co-captain Josh LaBry, 2016, said.


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Fellowship of Christian Athletes