Pucker Up!

Hannah Daanen, Staff Writer

Ever since the idea of the lip challenge known as the “Kylie Jenner Challenge” has appeared, several people have decided to participate. But has it gone too far?

The challenge is to put your lips into either a cup or shot glass and suck on it until no air can escape. Then wait a few seconds and pull the container away causing your lips to become slightly bigger like Kylie Jenner.

“I think the Kylie Jenner Challenge is rather stupid and dangerous,” Lauren Bell, 2018, said.

This is not the first challenge that has caused harm to the human body.

“The worst challenge in my opinion is the eraser challenge because it was basically burning yourself,” Makennah Reynolds, 2018, said.

The lip challenge is one of the many challenges that have become very popular.

“The main reason anyone, particularly teenagers, do anything is to feel cool and like they belong,” Haily Arteaga said. “Challenges are the new thing to do to be cool, so thats why they are so popular.”

Several challenges have become less popular like the cinnamon challenge, and Bell knows how to put an end to this one.

“Tell people that it is damaging their lip tissue or lie and say it will make their lips eve smaller than they were within a year,” Bell said.

Reynolds believes that it was the human interest that created this challenge.

“People were bored and they were testing some things out,” Reynolds said.

Arteaga believes that there is something unique about the lip challenge.

“It is a new thing that no one has ever thought of before making it a reflection of our current generation’s expressiveness,” Arteaga said.

There have been man challenges created some more popular than others.

“People lie to conform to society by being just as stupid as the famous people,” Bell said.

Many teenagers have filmed themselves participating in this challenge.

“I do not think that this challenge has affected us teenager,” Reynolds said. The Kylie Jenner Challenge has had some accidents involving broken glass and stitches, and someone believes that there is a take away from it.

“With everything you do, there are consequences,” Arteaga said. “People learn from their mistakes, and it can be used as a stepping stone for even more creative challenges.”