Behind the Band

Nimra Rashid, Staff Writer

Music is a huge part of Lone Star. It helps us build school spirit, makes us excited, and cheers on the school overall. But without the school band, we wouldn’t have this wonderful music. The school band is an essential to our pep rallies, games, and many more social activities that the school participates in. The band students love participating in such a huge part of the school, and every student is important in making the music a little more magical.

Each student loves something different about band, and because of all of the diversity, the band just gets better and better. Throughout the years, more people have been joining the band, and no one is more excited than freshman here at Lone Star.

“My favorite thing about band is getting to meet new people and go through new challenges,” flute player, Kaylee Donohoo, said.

If you didn’t know, band has a marching season. During this season they go to different school events and perform their synchronized march for the entire school to see. To do this, they have to practice almost everyday after school endlessly. And even after all of the hard work, most of the band students prefer marching season than off season.

“[Marching season] is more fun,” Kayla Ballero, French Horn player, said, “we get to

learn the show for contests and football halftimes.”

When the band kids are performing, many things are running through their heads. They have to remember notes, remember to sit tall, not mess up, and make sure they are playing the right things. It’s an overall nerve wracking experience, and each student feels something different.

“It’s exhilarating,” Josh Sodolak, percussionist said, “but it’s exciting. Like you’re in your own little musical world.”

Everyone here at Lone Star sees when the band is performing, unless you’re actually in band and you know what happens behind the scenes. In order to achieve the music that the band does, each student has to learn to be comfortable with their surroundings. And sooner than later, everyone has learned to do that.

“I have grown close with everyone over the years,”Ballero said. “It’s like we’re a big family.”