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April Fools!

Hannah Daanen, Staff Writer

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On a calendar, the date April first is most commonly known as April Fools. People go to others and play a joke and after say, “April Fools.” This year for the sophomores, it was state testing day.

“I thought oh what a coincidence that I’m taking this test on April Fools, because this test is a joke,” Megan Crouse, 2017, said.  Just like St. Patrick’s Day, the history behind April Fools is known by few.

“It is a holiday that has been around since the 1300’s with early versions being the Feast of Fools,” Randall Pitchford, 2018, said.

People in America and other countries celebrate this, but why?

“We as Americans celebrate April Fools because due to the person who invented the holiday, it brings negative feelings, but those feelings turn out to be jokes,” Mary Mistletoe, 2015, said.

Schools treat April Fools as just any other day and this pleases Crouse.

“I don’t consider it to be a holiday,” Crouse said.

Other people beg to differ.

“My opinion is school participate in holidays more; reason that being told is it brings out the feelings of joy and excitement and brings teachers who are having a hard time and want to go out there and spend time with their family, or reward the students with parties and days off,” Mistletoe said.

Many people play pranks, but there are few who decide to ignore it.

“I would, but I am always too lazy to pull off big glorious pranks,” Pitchford said.

The number of pranks played on someone range, but Crouse came up with an idea.

“I did not get pranked this year, because there was a mutual agreement amongst my friends and family the we wouldn’t prank each other,” Crouse said.

To Pitchford, this holiday changes the way he thinks about people.

“People become total jerks and I don’t like it,” Pitchford said.

Others like Mistletoe take part in the holiday’s activities and traditions.

“I enjoy April Fools because to me April Fools, you can spend time with the people you don’t know or want to know,” Mistletoe said. “It also brings bonds to people who are really negative.”

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April Fools!