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Frisco’s Frozen Fiasco Sequel

Hannah Daanen, Staff Writer

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This past month Frisco has been through a total of three snow days. The decision of making them up  is almost settled, but there is an option of not having to make up the third day.

“I don’t think we should not make up the days because we deserve a break once or twice,” Christine Ambati, 2018, said. Though Frisco has only had a few snow days, others did not like the cancellation of school.

“I don’t like snow days, because we can get behind in class and forget information,” Kyle Domihazali, 2017, said. Instead of seeing the negatives in snow days, Valerie Sanchez, 2018, looked at the brighter side.

“It gave me more time to relax and finish all my homework,” Sanchez said. The days was filled with both ice and snow, but this is not the first time snow has made its appearance to Frisco or to the eyes of anyone living there.

“It has snowed in Dallas last year, and I have traveled to a place that also had a snowfall,” Domihazali said. The snowfall also allowed students to have the opportunity to play in the snow.

“For those three days I stayed at home and played in the snow,” Sanchez said. Some stayed outside while others remained indoors and kept warm.

“I stayed in my house and watched movies,” Ambati said. Frisco made the decision of closing the schools because there was ice on the streets.

“I agree with Frisco’s decision to close the school because I think students need a break every once in a while and the roads weren’t very safe,” Sanchez said. But Domihazali did not like the idea of a snow day.

“I think snow days are bad because we have to take good days off later in the year,” Domihazali said. Though the days off took away schooldays, Ambati believes it also affected our education.

“They push back our tests and stuff so we have to cram it in to fit everything,” Ambati said.

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Frisco’s Frozen Fiasco Sequel