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A Club For Music and Academics Lovers

Stephanie Ventura, Staff Writers

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The Orchestra Director, Christina Wagner at Lone Star High School announced the commencement of the Tri M Music Honor Society club for students! The club will offer students involved  in both music programs and with academic rigor an opportunity to do various activities including community service and even a chance to earn awards.

When asked how the club will spread awareness of music programs at Lone Star, Christine Choi, 2016, said; “The association can spread awareness by announcing weekly news about upcoming dates and encouraging music students to join the club.”.

With the beginning of a new Chapter the club will need leaders to organize, plan and brainstorm ideas for the club. To decide who the officers for the organization will be, Wagner has decided to have students write an essay regarding their qualifications that will be judged by other staff members.

“I would like to make this fair for all students knowing that staff members makes it less of a popularity contest that elections would create” Wagner, Orchestra Director, said.

Many members in the Tri M are already the more achieving students in school but their is a certain leadership role that the officers must fulfill. Instead of simply distinguishment, the teachers and even students are looking for leadership in their officers.

“I believe they should be able to play music at a high caliber…organized, mature and responsible enough to lead the group and unite different sides of music.” Jonathan Doll, 2016, said.

In addition the new organization is intent on having music students fulfill a role of good citizenship through community service. Tri-M chapters qualify for awards by giving back to their community, although it is up to the members to decide how this will be accomplished.

“Some service project ideas could be; acoustic coffeehouse performances, toys for tots, visiting local hospitals and performing for patients or enlisting local musicians and school ensembles to host a benefit concert.” Choi, 2016, said.

Furthermore awards are one of the ways the Tri M club recognizes their members and even chapters for their hard work in various aspects besides music. Members can also be recognized for their in the club depending on the executive’s decision to give awards.

“Awards should be given based upon musical feats, such as making all-region and/or exceptional performance at solo and ensemble” Doll, 2016, said.

Altogether Tri M’s initiation resulted in around sixty five students at its first meeting. The purpose of the Tri M club to bring music talent together and conjoin academics is often expressed by its l members.

“[Tri M] encourages students to stay on top of their school work, continue to play music and be an active member in the organization” Choi, 2016, said.

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A Club For Music and Academics Lovers